Emerging from the Vortex

Graduation is done. A new group of young people will be emerging into the world to find their own path. As they sat through many inspirational speakers, spent a week in ceremonies and island traditions, been photographed and awarded, they experienced something they will only do once. I am blessed to walk on the field each year and encourage the youth who made it into cap and gown, feeling just as eager to get it over with as they are. Once the last youth walks across that stage, we can all spend a few months without setting an alarm clock!

Today I awake to the first day of my summer vacation—- Time to breath, reflect and emerge from the Vortex of the educational world. A world that requires a choice to enter the wormhole each August, knowing that the next 10 months will be a whirlpool of emotions, offer problems without solutions, require life in an alternate universe, a place that only my fellow wormhole travelers can know.

“vortex |ˈvôrˌteks|noun ( pl. vortexes or vortices |-təˌsēz| )a mass of whirling fluid or air, esp. a whirlpool whirlwind: we were caught in a vortex of water | figurative : a swirling vortex of emotions.something regarded as a whirling mass: the vortex of existence.”

For the next two months I will relax at the edge of the Vortex- relax in the gentle breezes that flow over the island, drink in the humid, tropic air and listen to the quiet hum of the ocean that moves around our little rock. Gathering energy to ease back through the wormhole that will carry me into the unknown events that will occur in the Vortex of 2012-2013.

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