Clearing the Dust

Time to dust off this blog. Life has been moving too fast and lots of cool things happening. It is time to document it all. My life and the lives of others have changed and affected who I am becoming. TIme to dust of the lenses of perception, Time to reevaluate my self care and usefulness to others. TIme to dust off the priorities. Clearing the dust out of my life, the thoughts that do not serve to my dreams. Been away from myself and distracted by others needs too long. The needs of others, what I have and can give them are what helps me move out of the house each morning. Yet, stopping to reflect on how cool it is that I can help, that the talents God blessed me with, the gifts I receive when giving and working to give others a voice needs to happen. Time to stop and reflect each day clears the dust from my head. I have not been taking that valuable moment to enjoy and live one day at a time. I forgot to YOLO! You Only Live Once………so here we go, this blog was started to give me the outlet to reflect, enjoy and savor the daily moments and beauty of life.

You Only Live Once