Apps and Technology–the Great Equalizer

I started using iOS  devices in the our Transition Program in 2007 when I upgraded to the Iphone. I realized that my life was simplified by the small device that has become attached to my hand.

After a few grants to obtain an iPod, two iPad first editions and plunking down lots of my own money on Apps, I have been blessed to be part of some phenomenal growing experiences with my students. We are currently researching grants to purchase an Ipad2 with a blue tooth key board and an air printer in order for students to independently “create” communication boards, documents, complete assignments and communicate in the mobile environment of the adult world.

On this page I will attempt to keep a running log of Apps, devices and instructional methods that really work for young adults with significant disabilities. What I have witnessed is that I may start out introducing an App with one purpose in mind, but collateral learning occurs; a student will manipulate and interact with a device in a way I never thought about.

Proloquee2Go– this is the communication must have for all nonverbal or language delayed students. It has replaced the Boardmaker Boards, clunky communication devices and long laborious evenings of  creating pic syms with velcro boards. I will be blogging some fantastic success stories with this app!

Speech Journal allows my students to record their day, an event on a job site or work with me to create social stories that can be utilized in “real time”. When a young adult or child applies what is happening for them to the story with real photos, they will “own” the experience

Pictello  – similar use as Speech Journal, a more expensive app, but worth it for the Proloque2Go user. The platform is similar and the ability to personalize the app is worth the price to me.

Time Timer Invaluable use for students who do not read a clock face or know the numbers of a digital clock. This app allows my students to be on time for all activities and to visualize the amount of time they have left during an activity. This app comes in handy for supporting young adults in their independence.

Would you like to know more  about Transition Programs in the Florida Keys?

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