As an educator, teaching students ages 18-22 who have unique abilities, I am blessed by my students and the opportunity to live in Key West Florida. The journey to this island and the last 14 years of my career has been a wild ride! This blog is my attempt to capture the experiences of daily life in the world of an educator of students with Special Needs in Key West. Our school district is unique to the geography of our Islands, as is my lifestyle on a tropical island at the Southernmost point of the United States. Traveling from this island is an adventure in and of itself, which my summers are dedicated to. Much of what I write is for myself and an express my love of God, to express my faith as it demonstrates itself in day to day life. The Lord’s working in my life amazes me everyday. This blog will attempt to capture the GODmoments and revelations as experienced through my students, hobbies, relationships, and geography. The struggles, as well as the victories are celebrated! As I get closer to retirement and look back upon this career that I have dedicated my life to, I see my personal growth and faith interwoven through the history of Special Education. If you become a reader of my ramblings, take what you need and leave the rest. Please let me know if you identify as we connect on this road of cyberspace!

Enjoying the Island Life

Let me know more about you and how I can help you or anyone you know who struggles with finding services for young adults with Special Needs.


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