Good News! We were wrong about Disney’s New Disability Policy.

Good News! This makes me wonder about some of our a Florida Seniors who want to attend Grad Bash! Each year in the spring, Florida seniors travel to Disney for a night of fun. I am going to look into this system for some of our youth with disabilities who want to participate with their peers.

Travel for People with Special Needs


When I heard Disney was changing their

policy on disability passes, I knew it was long overdue, but I was apprehensive.  Would it be more difficult to obtain?  Would we have to wait in long lines?  Getting a disability pass at Disney World had always been a simple process.  You went to guest services and simply made the request.  This pass would allow you to skip the lines at the attractions.  However, it was beginning to seem like there were more tourists in the disability lines than in the regular lines.

Well, I recently escorted a group of adults with disabilities on a visit to Epcot and the Magic Kingdom parks.  I was pleasantly surprised at the ease of the new process.  You still obtain the pass at guests services.  Like before, it is assigned to a specific person with a disability.  What has changed is that they now put a…

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