On Their Watch

On their watch, we enjoy our freedom. As American’s we are free to choose, we are free to disagree, we are free to not like each others choices, we are free to love—-Because of their watch.

The past few months have been a blur for me. School starting, big Special Olympics SUP event and home responsibilities have steamrolled me. As I emerge from the dust cloud of being way too busy, as I resume taking care of me and redefining some goals, taking stock of where my path is and what my choices are, I am missing my family. With both parents passed, no kids of my own and my brother’s family living in Tennessee, the family circle is very small.

Living on this island for the past 13 years has removed me from being involved in the day to day events of my family’s lives. There are many regrets that I missed the milestones in my nephews lives, and now I am missing those same moments in their children’s lives.

As the Holiday Season approaches, I get melancholy and wish I had made different choices that would have landed me closer to family. Yet I must remember that each time I try to leave this island, something keeps me here–finances, job responsibility, weather–every time I have tried to leave, something happens to keep me here. There is always a choice.

Reflecting on the times the choices have presented themselves, it becomes clear this where I am supposed to be and I am doing what I am supposed to be doing, so I stay, the island holds on to me. That knowledge does not make it any easier as my heart misses the things that happen in day to day relationships that families have when they live near each other.

Today, Veteran’s Day–causes me to reflect on these young men and their fellow comrades.

This sideshow pays tribute to my nephews and their families. I am so proud of them! I hope they know how much Aunt Ruth loves them and supports them, even though she is not there for their graduations, birthdays, military ceremonies and children’s births.

The music is from Mike Corrado— “On My Watch” and “Stand”

Featuring Retired Sargent Marine Jason B. Finch, 8 years of service as a Scout Sniper, wounded August 2004 at Ar Ramadi and Army Captain Michael S. Finch, currently serving, one tour in Afghanistan completed—these are my nephews.

In honor of all who stood watch, fought and served

In honor of all those that continue to ensure our freedom to choose.


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