Telling Your Story

My students love telling a story. We have been learning about marketing through a school based enterprise. During the Super Bowl, they were given the homework assignment to watch the commercials. We reviewed their favorite commercials on You Tube the Monday after the Superbowl, looking for the “story” in each one of them. The students determined the “main idea” in the story…..deciding what product commercial wanted you to buy.

We decided on a “story” about our muffins—our school based enterprise product–and what we wanted people to do… the muffins! Then the students created the podcast with a flip cam and iMovie. They devised the script and a main idea, with characters that mirrored their personalities. Simple costumes and fantastic acting make this a classic!

“The Princess and Her Muffins”

The podcast was sent out via email to all our customers, posted on the TIES Facebook Page. Parents and customers loved it. The weekly orders increased!  This was a fun lesson for me and the students!

This podcast, including script, costumes and many takes, was filmed in a one hour period. The editing and final clip were created the following day by myself and a student who does not like being filmed, but has a high interest in technology. The editing and final clip were created in one hour.

The objectives of main idea, effective communication, team work and having fun were accomplished.  Full student engagement, differentiated instruction, community and parent outreach, with teacher direction and simple technology is possible in two hours or less!


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