A Gratitude List

Thanksgiving Day, a day to reflect and be grateful, although if this attitude is not cultivated everyday, it does get a bit difficult to summon it up for one day. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the Season, not because of the food, although the food is great (sometimes a problem for me), it is my favorite because it is not focused on anything but being grateful, no gifts required, just ourselves, our loved ones and a grateful heart.

We can celebrate the day anyway we choose. Families develop traditions that will express the joy and gratitude of being together without the extra baggage that Christmas can bring. Even though Christmas, just around the corner, is exciting; Thanksgiving is the day to breathe, enjoy and gather together to celebrate life.

So as I breathe in the salt filled air of my home, drink a cup of coffee on my front porch, I develop my Gratitude List that will carry me through the next few weeks, which are sometimes the hardest ones of the year for me, at work and on a personal emotional level.

Things I am Grateful Video is a compilation of people and things that I thank God for allowing me to enjoy. Each day, I hope and pray that I will not sit on the sidelines of life, that I will dance every dance, while I still have the chance. (lyrics from Julie Roberts, The Chance)

Pictures from the Sears, Finch family events, School Events and other stuff. ¬†Music by Julie Roberts “The Chance”, which was released the year my mom passed away, hitting home with me after I read mom’s journal.


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