Island Thoughts- Cool Breezes

Son Rise witnessed from my hammock

As I wake up feeling the first brisk air of winter blowing across our island world, I decided to start this blog. This time of year brings reflection, subtle signs of fall and winter have been occurring, the sun shifts and its warm touch is dry, less humid and hot, light reflecting off the mangroves is bright and clear. There is something about this first cold snap that energizes the tropics. We go looking for socks, for long sleeves and pants……things that are pushed to the back of the drawers and closet, not thought about until we cannot find them! Air conditioners stop humming, doors and windows are thrown open, we breathe a collective sigh of relief that the dreaded “H” word has not touched us, we are home free! The end of Oct. and Fantasy Fest brings a sense of relaxation, comfort and peace. We can settle into Paradise, begin thinking about the Holiday vacation time, travel and visits with family off the island. The Lord has brought me through the summer without a high wind or raising water, He has given me a glorious place to live and a wonderful job (which I consider a calling) all is well on the front porch of my island home today!


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